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Malfeitor – Dum Morior Orior

So here is another dusted off unearthed Swedish death metal band back from the grave to join in on the genre’s resurgence. And while not a elite act akin to Entrails, Horrendous, Binah or Revel Flesh, Malfeitor to bring a little something different to the reanimation of the genre by way of less direct or […]

Malfeitor – Incubus

I guess I missed the debut album from Italy’s Malfeitor, but I sure am glad I got a copy of Incubus to review. It is one hellishly righteous cauldron of boiling black metal. Featuring bassist/vocalist M. Fabban (Aborym), Malfeitor play in a traditional Scandinavian style, in this case one that crosses the ferociously fast and […]