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Heathen – The Evolution of Chaos

So it’s become a bit of trend with all these old thrash bands dusting off their instruments and chops to reform and deliver new material. One of the latest is the Bay Area’s Heathen (but to their credit, they were among the first to actually reform, it’s just taken 6 plus years to complete the […]

Pestilence – Resurrection Macabre

The original tech-death players have been coming out of the woodwork these past few years, haven’t they? We got an Atheist reunion that has gone over a storm and a new Cynic album that pissed off the diehard death metalers. Now Patrick Mameli has resurrected Pestilence all these years after the release of the critically […]

Volbeat – Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil

I love offbeat stuff, and when this record was pitched to me as “Elvis metal ‘n’ roll,” I just couldn’t resist taking a listen to it. I’ll start with what could very possibly be my favorite song of the year so far, “Sad Man’s Tongue,” the band’s tribute to Johnny Cash. It opens with a […]

Winds of Torment – Delighting in Relentless Ignorance

So apparently this lot won the 2005 French Rock Hard Magazine contest and as a result got a record deal with Mascot Records. I wonder who the other bands were as this is a pretty mediocre release of solid but uninspiring, progressive, melodic death metal with a hint of thrash. The sort of Death meets […]