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KMFDM – Our Time Will Come

Another year, another new KMFDM album. If only every band were so prolific! Wait a second, that’s how I started my review of last year’s album… but it works, because they keep pumping ’em out for our industrial-dance/metal enjoyment. Every year there’s a new full-length, and in between, Käpt’n K and his hardworking crew constantly produce new remixes, compilations, and merch, […]

KMFDM – Kunst

Another year, another new KMFDM album. If only every band were so prolific! The five letter word this time is KUNST, which is German for ‘art.’ Appropriate for an album that pays homage to the jailed Russian punkettes in Pussy Riot. Great classic Brute cover too – boobs, chainsaw, cutting down a giant cross. No […]


I’ve been able to assemble a hell of a KMFDM playlist over the years, yet I don’t think the band has ever released a truly perfect album. NIHIL comes really damn close, but the rest usually play out the same way: a few awesome tracks of propulsive, riff-fueled industrial dance/metal, some solid filler, a couple […]

Front Line Assembly – Improvised. Electronic. Device

If your version of industrial metal starts with Ministry and ends with Rammstein, then you haven’t heard Front Line Assembly – particularly their pulverizing 1994 release Millennium. On that album, Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber (yes, the same electronic wizard who collaborated with Fear Factory on Demanufacture and Mechanize) took riffs from Sepultura’s Arise and […]