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Ministry – Hopiumforthemasses

I reviewed Ministry’s 14th album Moral Hygiene in 2021, on here and really enjoyed it….a lot and now Hopiumforthemasses, their 15th album-wow, is here and sees Al Jourgensen incorporating elements from all the various Ministry eras on here…That’s right.  There are moments going all the way back to their 1983 With Sympathy debut album, which […]

Ministry – Moral Hygiene

What can he said about the greatest industrial metal band of all time?  I mean they started out as an alternative band until 1988 when the legendary The Land of Rape and Honey combined metal with industrial to create the benchmark for this style of music. Main man Al Jourgensen is a musical genius. Especially […]

Ministry – From Beer to Eternity

Well Big Al, has said this Ministry album, their 13th, will be the last Ministry album…We’ve heard that before and my only question is WHY???  This is one of the strongest Ministry albums ever and one of the most extreme the band has ever done.  From Beer to Eternity features a variety that encompasses the […]