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Neaera – Ours is the Storm

A prolific band, Neaera is. Already on their sixth full-length release since forming in 2003, the German quintet is back to doing what they’ve done throughout their career, which is write solid, slightly more abrasive melodic death metal. On Ours is the Storm, the band’s first album in three years, Neaera has released possibly their […]

Neaera – Omnicide – Creation Unleased

The Germans have a similar problem as the Americans. The term metalcore gets thrown around like a whore in a bukkake circle and deprives some bands of the obvious melodic death metal moniker they deserve. Despite comparisons to heavy weights Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban, bands like Neaera along with Fragments of Unbecoming lean considerably […]

Neaera – Armamentarium

Neaera put up a convincing argument in today’s flooded metalcore genre. You want to like them but it’s hard. Following in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn, this style of Gothenburg influenced chugging is just enough to peak interest. However, Armamentarium leaves itself up for quarrel and occasional play. This CD […]