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Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

Necrowretch, from France, return with their third long-player, Satanic Slavery and on a brand new label-Season of Mist.  I’ve been following the band since their debut album, Putrid Death Sorcery in 2013 and struck up some cool convos with guitarist/vocalist Vlad, after interviewing them back then.  The band has no shortage of material, either.  Releasing […]

Necrowretch – Putrid Death Sorcery

Necrowretch leader/vocalist/guitarist Vlad apparently is obsessed with the legendary Scream Bloody Gore and said that one day he wants to create his own version of Death’s all-time classic debut album. Not that he wants to record a cover album, but an album so vicious, so gripping the way SBG was for so many people throughout […]