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Teratism – La Bas EP

Where is Grimulfr when you need him? Here is a short sharp review of a short, sharp, 4 song 12″ vinyl EP from the USA’s Teratism, a long running and prolific (10 releases in just under a decade) black metal band that shares veteran members with the likes of Catholicon, Theatre of the Macabre, Demonic […]

Catholicon – Treatise on the Abyss

Eschewing the expected ‘Louisiana’ metal sound, Baton Rouge’s long running Black/death metal act Catholicon deliver only their third full length album in their long but rather obscure career, and despite it’s unusual approach, it’s destined to be as unrecognized as their previous offerings. On the surface, Catholicon’s mix of muddy, murky Satanic death metal and […]