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Alcest – Les Voyages de L’ame

Alcest’s ‘Les Voyages de l’Âme sure as hell is a niche album. Clearly, Neige’s intention with his approach to shoegaze is to convey a positive and mellow type of ambiance, and while he’s succeeding in said task in a few songs (while drifting into depressive musings in others; at least according to what I could […]

Outcast – Awaken the Reason

Blending hallucinatory technicality and one astonishing sense of striking melody into one sole album wrap-up is a challenge quite a wide community of bands have been undertaking over time, and it’s gotta be said that hitting each fucking minute mark with just the right balance of both elements is a uniquely gifted talent to have. […]

Kommandant – The Draconian Archetype

Kommandant‘s approach to black metal is one that is strongly focused on invoking a particular ambiance and frame of mind. The aim here isn’t to simply grab one by the throat and desecrate; there’s a strongly adamant intention to progressively absorb the listener with the elements present in this sound. Make no mistake, there’s plenty […]