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Oblivion – The Path Towards…

I was a huge fan of California’s brutal tech-death band Oblivion’s 2013 debut album Called to Rise.  4 years later and the band is still intact with Ted O’Neill and Victor Dods ( ex Hacksaw to the Throat) on guitars, Ben Orum (ex- All Shall Perish) on Bass, Luis Martinez (ex Antagony) blasting the crap […]

Oblivion – Called to Rise

Dang it. I wanted to like this sooooo much more. Oblivion sees former All Shall Perish founder and guitarist Ben Orum reunite with buddies Nick Vasallo (vocals) and Luis Martinez (drums) from his pre ASP band, Antagony, a vastly under rated progressive deathcore act from a decade ago (seriously, go listen to the bands second […]