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Züül– To the Frontlines

My expectations couldn’t be any higher for an album, considering that Züül’s Out of Time was one of my favorite albums of the year, if not the 21st Century. The Carbondale, IL group did everything right; this was NWOBHM inspired on multiple fronts, but with all those unexplainable “cult heavy metal” elements that makes a […]

Bones – Bones

This is metal the Chicago way, baby! By that I mean Bones’ self-titled debut is raw, in your face, no frills death metal with a whole lot of dirty rockin’ groove.  It is a trio of ex-Usurper members Jon Necromancer (vocals/bass), Carcass Chris (guitar), and Joe Warlord (drums) that delivers this album of herb-enhanced, beer […]

Züül – Out of Time

“Give it all, my son, to the hooded one.” – Executioner Here’s an album that came out at the beginning of 2010 but is definitely deserving of a spot on the TOTD reviews list seven months later.  Released on indie Planet Metal, Züül‘s Out of Time will be a worthy competitor for album of the […]

Kommandant – Stormlegion

If you have some interest in a gasmask clad Chicago black metal outfit which has members of Nacthmystium, Cianide and Dysphoria in its ranks, plying a form of relentlessly  simple yet effective, Marduk/Dark Funeral meets Impaled Nazarene styled thrashy black metal, then look no further than Kommandant. There’s not much more to elaborate on really; […]

Wastelander – Wardrive

“Infernal City Black Metal” is what Wastelander refers to themselves as. The Infernal City, I discovered through the albums press sheet, is Lansing Michigan. Now, I’m not much of a black metal fan, and really don’t know a whole lot about it, but I hear a strong early thrash influence, as well as a strong […]