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Porcupine Tree – Octane Twisted

Porcupine Tree’s affiliation with the larger metal community largely dates back to Steven Wilson’s acclaimed production credits on several of Opeth’s albums; most notably Blackwater Park.  Of course many metalheads would have already had the highly rated British prog-rockers on their radar but it was evidently the buzz from Wilson’s outstanding production and guest spots […]

Porcupine Tree – The Incident

Many of Porcupine Tree’s recent albums have centered around a theme or mood, but it’s been quite awhile since Steven Wilson and crew have delivered a full-on concept album. Here, it’s not just a narrative concept album, but a structural one as well, as The Incident is less a collection of songs than a loosely […]

Porcupine Tree – Nil Recurring EP

This companion EP to last year’s terrific Fear of a Blank Planet has been accused of being a tack-on, due to the fact that it’s priced as a full release, but only features 4 songs. Those naysayers are even more sour than Steven Wilson’s mood – this is a fantastic release, and definitely not just […]

Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet

When it comes to the title of musician/producer/leader, Steve Wilson tops the cake. While there may be plenty of other people that do the same thing, Devin Towsend for example, Wilson is probably one of the more accomplished men in music today. If you don’t agree with that, I invite you to take a journey […]