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Throwing Bricks – The Burden

Listen, there is only one, single reason why I checked out the second album from the Netherlands’ Throwing Bricks. It certainly wasn’t that cover or the band’s name. It was the fact the email promotion threw out Fall of Efrafa ( and Oathbreaker) as a ‘For Fans Of’ band listing. And it ended up being […]

Mountaineer – Giving Up the Ghost

One of the best perks of writing for Teeth of the Divine for a couple years now is that bands I’ve previously reviewed, such as Mountaineer, are releasing new material. Their last effort, Bloodletting, scored high marks from me, but their brand of post metal overall has not done much for me since then. On […]

Vile Creature – Cast of Static and Smoke LP

As LBGQT rights remain in the forefront of today’s political climate, so it creeps furthermore into extreme music. Mina Caputo of Life of Agony and Kat Shevil (Winds of Genocide) have been out front of the movement in metal for a while now, but it appears to be picking up. Just this month I received […]

Temple – On the Steps of the Temple

“Mountain,” the first cut from On the Steps of the Temple, bursts forth like a natural disaster. It’s cinematic and epic, the score to a looming apocalypse or a terrible revelation. It’s the sound of the earth shaking and crumbling loose to unleash something monstrously unnatural – some great and slumbering beast that cranes its […]