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Protestant – In Thy Name LP

And so Wisconsin’s own Protestant have once again subtly morphed styles  a shade, once being a pretty standard hardcore band, going a bit more crusty and sludgy , then getting intensely and darkly melodic.  Now, the band is embracing the current blackened hardcore trend, except they are taking the black metal side much more seriously, to the point […]

Protestant – Reclamation 12″/Stalemate 10″

“We continue to storm forward with no real sense of direction or purpose. We repeat ourselves, retell the same lies and never change. We all have become stagnant and entitled.. We know better, but we do it anyway. We are greedy, lazy and tired. We are destroying everything we’ve worked to preserve and shitting in […]

Protestant – Judgements LP

While labels like Deathwish Inc, Bridge 9, Epitaph and Victory are often considered the preeminent contemporary hardcore labels, the fact remains that Halo of Flies actually has one of hardcore’s very best bands tucked away on their label;  Milwaukee’s DIY act, Protestant. Having released numerous vinyl, splits and 7” records I was happy to see […]

Protestant – The Hate, The Hollow

As I first heard Milwaukee’s Protestant on their As Dead As We Look release and now their  latest full length, I’m more confident in anointing this group as the heir to the mantle left by Cursed; crumbling, antagonistic and sludgy but intelligent hardcore with a few segments of well placed and thoughtful ambience, all wrapped […]

Protestant – As Dead As We Look

Hailing from Milwaukee, Protestant are one of the few original hardcore DIY bands out there and this release, containing their Make Peace With the Rope You Hang From, album as well as their split with Rhinocharge and a self released CD-R Highlight their creepy, sludgy, caustic and off kilter take on hardcore. After the intro […]