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Putrified – Sacrilegious Purification EP

Here is the debut, 6 song EP (after a couple of demos) from one man Swedish death metal act Putrified. A. Death (also of black metal act Infuneral) plays all of the instruments, performs vocals and does a pretty good job of it as well as capturing the essence of old school death metal with a heavy dash of […]

Putrified – Neurotic Necrotic

The one-man death metal band just keeps on gaining credibility, the trail having been blazed by the likes of Shawn Whitaker (Insidious Decrepancy), Shaun LaCanne (Putrid Pile), and Peter Hasselbrack (Bloodsoaked). Thirst for Revenge’s Annihilation of Races (Comatose) tickled a few of my fancies as well. Welcome now A.Death, the man responsible for Putrified’s Neurotic […]