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Green Jellÿ – Musick to Insult Your Intelligence By

In a visual comparison, both Gwar and Green Jellÿ wear elaborately goofy costumes onstage (Gwar actually taught Green Jellÿ how to make their own latex costumes). Musically, the bands share the comedy shtick, though as Gwar leans toward metal, Green Jellÿ seem satisfied to play loud punk rock. The biggest difference is that Gwar has […]

Salt the Wound – Ares

Though Cleveland Ohio’s Salt the Wound fit the annoying template of modern teen metal band complete with ever changing line up, cocked hats, tight jeans, pierced lips, pre packaged logo and loud shirt designs and an obsession of The Black Dahlia Murder, the bands 2008 debut was OK, and the follow up, complete with promising […]

Gollum – The Core

I hadn’t thought about this North Carolina band in years, but I do recall being impressed with 2004’s self-released debut album Lesser Traveled Waters, although I’ve had no luck locating my review of that disc. As such, let’s just say the band’s shape shifting ways on that album left me impressed and the arrival of […]

Salt the Wound – Carnal Repercussions

Much like the UK’s Bring Me The Horizon, Cleveland’s Salt The Wound, despite their preteen looks, deliver a decent take on At The Gates and Breakdown filled American metal. Not purely in the realms of say Suicide Silence or Whitechapel, but straddling the gap between say The Black Dahlia Murder, Sons of Azrael and All […]