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Sacrificial Slaughter/Coathanger Abortion/Rottenness – The Hate Divide Split CD

This is a split cd which also includes the following bands, in addition to Sacrificial Slaughter:  Coathanger Abortion and Rottenness.  Mike Juliano’s HPGD label has always been one of favorite underground labels where I have discovered new and exciting bands.  If you have never heard either one of these bands, this is a good place […]

Sacrificial Slaughter – Generation of Terror EP

“Have Mercy”…and I don’t mean “have mercy” like that faux rocker Uncle Jessie’s cheesy catch phrase from that horribly great sit-com I watched as a kid in the late ’80’s. I mean “have mercy”, as in the new Sacrificial Slaughter EP, Generation of Terror , is going  to rip your ears a new asshole (yeah, […]

Sacrificial Slaughter/Enfuneration – American Death Thrash

American Death Thrash is the perfect title for this 10 song split between Oklahoma’s Sacrificial Slaughter and California’s Enfuneration. 10 tracks, 5 from each of  good ol’  fashioned American metal, with Sacrificial Slaughter firmly gripping the thrash element and Enfuneration being more of the death metal side. Sacrificial Slaughter are the more veteran act with […]