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Ehnahre – The Man Closing Up

This is a band that would appeal to only a small percentage of extreme metal enthusiasts. So let me start with this: if you don’t like your doom/death mixed with serious amounts of experimentation, then you probably won’t dig this. But to the nuts like me out there, this is a whole new realm of […]

Bostonian doom/death outfit Ehnahre set for Debut Release

The UK’s Sound Devastation Records is set to release the crushing and tumultuous debut release from Bostonian outfit Ehnahre. The members of the avant-death project culminate from fallout of bands such as Biolich, Kayo Dot, Forcefedglass (went on to form Converge…) and more, here combining their influences into a uniquely infectious, technically-driven, artistically-drunk gut-punch of death/doom experimentation. […]