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In Pain – The Thing From the Grave

There have been some great Swedish /HM2 style death metal releases in 2022; Necrom, Entrails, Demonical, Katakomba, Sentient Horror, and Ripped to Shreds Disfuneral, have all released killer albums so far this year. But this autumn, a few more releases will drop and compete for your hard-earned cash. Back in September, Tampa Bay’s Carnal Ruin […]

In Pain – The Sound of Death

If you look carefully at the bottom left of the cover of the debut album from Sweden’s In Pain, you can see a small building that’s Sunlight Studio’s and in the door, non other than Tomas Skogsberg, the master of the mid range, HM 2 death metal sound. Fitting considering, as with the band’s EP […]

In Pain – Summoning the Dead EP

Sorry for the tardy review of a 2018 release, but I just recently got a pack of CDs from new Swedish label SouthCoast Productions, and amid the second effort from Spain’s atmospheric black metal act Neptunian Sun and debut from Finland’s Motorhead lovin’ Poison Whiskey, one of the label’s other  first releases was is the […]