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Interview with Stéphan Forté

Pick a random European kid off a random street in Europe and ask him/her what music instrument they picked up first. Chances are, you will get one of these three answers: (1) Piano (2) Violin (3) Clarinet. It is no big secret that European metal musicians often start out with Classical music before moving into heavy metal territory, and the converse is often true for American metal musicians. Stéphan Forté is European and started out the European way, but as neo-classical metal tradition would have it, he has mastered the electric guitar very skillfully (and beats many Americans at this staple instrument of theirs). The suave shredder may not be a household name like George Lynch or Yngwie Malmsteen, but watch out; the frontman and lead guitarist of French progressive neo-classical metal band Adagio is off to a great start with his fairly new solo project! His virtuosic skills and penchant for mid-paced Romantic-inspired solos might just set him apart from the speed-crazed and “djent”-obsessed contemporary metal crowd. I smell a new guitar hero from France.

Stéphan Forté – The Shadows Compendium

Oh Stéphan Forté, if thou art female, I’d be swooning all over you right now (and you’d probably be the best girl shredder out there). Seriously, how did this album escape the radar of countless popular metal websites and blogs last year? The guitarist of French progressive neo-classical band, Adagio, Stéphan Forté has finally and […]