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Interview with The Drowning

The UK is known for loads of metallic Doom and Gloom. One could chalk it up to the weather, which I’ve heard is not too pleasant a lot of the time. I’ll choose, however, to chalk it up to sheer musical affluence and superiority. At any rate, The Drowning are here to carry on the grand traditions of their dark and dreary forefathers. I had the privilege of conversing with lead singer James Moore and lo, here is the resulting exchange.

Drowning, The – This Bleak Descent

The UK certainly has its share of melancholy, Doom laden bands. The Peaceville Three notwithstanding, there is a certain musical atmosphere amongst English bands in this genre. They tend to have a subtle romantic undertone coupled with growled, Death Metal vocal delivery and an overall sad, despair ridden vibe without sounding violent. The Drowning is […]