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This Ending – Garden of Death

Having not been familiar with Sweden’s This Ending I was quite surprised when I listened to there third full length release Garden of Death.  This Ending features members of the group A Canorous Quintet and also former drummer of Amon Amarth Fredrik Andersson.  I had to go back and listen to their 2009 effort Dead […]

This Ending – Dead Harvest

Here’s another album I was anticipating, but ultimately found boring. I remember buying their debut, Inside the Machine and thinking they had some potential, but after four or five spins, I shelved it and eventually sold it. So now, two years later we have Dead Harvest, and nothing more than another serving of potential unrealized. […]

This Ending – Inside the Machine

On the surface, there’s a lot to exited about this reincarnation of (the underachieving but respected in the Gothenburg scene of the early ’90s) A Canorous Quintet, who were briefly called The Plague before settling on the rather metalcore-ish moniker This Ending. However, even with a somewhat revered lineup that includes current Amon Amarth drummer […]