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Lord of Shadows – Echoes of Yore

I’m surprised this project didn’t get more attention earlier this autumn. It is a project formed from the ashes of Cruish-Nir, which was Romanian lyricist/conceptualist Valentin Untaru and multi-instrumentalist Robert Cotoros. However, after the passing of Cotoros in 2020, Untaru resurrected the project but gathered some well-known musicians to bring his lyrics and concepts to […]

My Dearest Wound – The Burial

I’m quickly becoming a very big fan of Sergio Gonzalez Catalan, the owner of the new Chilean label Tragedy Productions.  Already having 2 killer releases under their belt that will be on my year end list. One is Numeron’s Road to Valhalla and the other is one of his many solo projects, Winds of Tragedy […]

Numeron – Road to Valhalla

Indonesia Vallendusk is one of my favorite atmospheric black metal bands, so when I heard that Numeron was from also Indonesia, played the same style of black metal, AND have a concept album based on Norse mythology, I had to check it out. And while not quite as good as Vallendusk, they are still really […]

Winds of Tragedy – Hating Life

I initially grabbed this promo strictly due to the striking cover photo (courtesy of Tatiana Lebedeva), literally not knowing anything about the band or album, other than that it mentioned depressive and one-man black metal in the promo blurb. So with the band’s moniker, album title, and song titles like “I Choose to Die”, No […]