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Atomwinter – Sakrileg

Atomwinter is a veteran German death metal band, who I have not year heard, despite having three albums under their belt since 2011. Their last effort was 2018s Catacombs, and in the 5-year gap since then, they have got themselves a new vocalist in Florian Bauer, and whoo boy is he a beast and makes […]

Wolves Den – Miserere

Germany, as usual, is host to yet another stellar band.  Wolves Den burst onto the scene in 2015 with their debut album Deus Vult.  A brutal display of black metal.  Due to the album being released without a record label, the band opting to independently release it, their great debut went relatively unnoticed, which is […]

Istapp – The Insidious Star

Last year I went through a pretty hardcore phase of melodic black metal where I was listening to classic like Dissection, Catamenia, Vinterland, and Sacramentum, as well as newer bands like Thormesis, Vindland, Wormwood and Störtregn. Somehow though, I completely overlooked Sweden’s Istapp (“icicle”) and their 2010 album, Blekinge and 2015 album, Frostbitten. But that has […]