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Warbringer – Weapons of Tomorrow

When the new thrash bands started to re-emerge in the 2000’s one of the best bands, that put many of the bigger acts to shame were and still is California’s Warbringer.  I was lucky enough to catchy them on their debut album tour for War Without End when they toured with Exodus and Kreator.  I […]

LIVE REPORT: Kreator, Exodus, Belphegor, Warbringer, Epicurean

Friday, April 17th @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL It took us nearly 8 hours to get to Chicago with a couple stops, and a couple more stops to take pics of some really ridiculous things you see in the rural midwest areas. Epicurean was already playing as we walked in, and we managed to […]

Warbringer – War Without End

And so the thrash “revival” continues. Hailing from SoCal, War Without End is Warbringers debut full-length, after an independently released EP last year titled One by One the Wicked Fall, which initially sparked my interest in the young band. That EP showed a great deal of promise in terms of pure, foot to the throat, […]