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Kreator – Hate über alles

Hate über alles is the 15th album from German thrashers Kreator. IMO they are the best German thrash band, ever. Seen them live so many times and other than 2 meh albums, Outcast and Endorama their discography destroys. Kreator are not reinventing the wheel but maybe the new bassist Frederic Leclercq (Loudblast) said let’s up the ante a little more. “Sergio Corbucci […]

Kreator – Endless Pain/Pleasure to Kill/Terrible Certainty/Extreme Aggression (Reissues)

Germany has always been responsible for some of the best metal bands.  I would say the best countries for overall metal has been: U.S., Germany and England.  For me, Kreator are the best German thrash band and always one of my faves.  Each paragraph will focus on more of the bonus content, remastering and personal […]

Kreator – Gods of Violence

Germany’s Kreator really needs no introduction and despite a few mishap albums in the 90’s, for me, remain the best German Thrash Metal act to this day.  I will venture to say I remember when Endless Pain was released in 1985 and 1986 brought about my favorite album by them, Pleasure to Kill.  ’92-99, is […]

Interview with Kreator

Many an interview I’ve done over the years and a handful will always stand out, often based on the intelligence and affability of the musician to whom the questions were posed. I can now add Kreator’s Mille Petrozza to that list of highlights, based on my recent discussion with him on a tour bus parked in front of The Beaumont, the venue at which the German legends melted faces and lacerated eardrums at the Kansas City stop of the North American Teutonic Terror Attack tour with Accept. Though I did interview Mille sometime around the release of Violent Revolution several years back, aside from recalling him to be quite congenial and informed then too, it was conducted by phone and my memory of it is fuzzy at best. Mille is not only a staunch advocate of metal and someone who cares deeply about Kreator’s rabid worldwide fan base; he is a genuinely nice guy and a progressive-minded citizen of Planet Earth. He also happens to be writing some of the best thrash metal of his career, as evidenced by the recent release of the musically refreshing, surprisingly catchy, and (of course) aggressively thrashing Phantom Antichrist on Nuclear Blast. Let us prey.

Kreator Announce 2010 Tour Dates

World Management is proud to announce the North American return of thrash legends KREATOR! Dubbed The Hordes Of Chaos Part II Tour, the band will return to the states in 2010 with support from Voivod, Nachtmystium, Evile, Lazarus A.D., Kataklysm and Lightning Swords Of Death (support lineups vary from city to city; see listing below). […]

LIVE REPORT: Kreator, Exodus, Belphegor, Warbringer, Epicurean

Friday, April 17th @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL It took us nearly 8 hours to get to Chicago with a couple stops, and a couple more stops to take pics of some really ridiculous things you see in the rural midwest areas. Epicurean was already playing as we walked in, and we managed to […]

Kreator – Hordes of Chaos

No introductions required here. Kreator are back with their 12th studio album and first since 2005’s Enemy of God, which is possibly their best (at least it’s my favorite). Four years is much too long of a wait after such an incredible last offering, but I’m glad to say that it was well worth it, […]

Kreator – At the Pulse of Kapitulation (DVD/CD)

This new live DVD/CD from Germany’s finest thrash band, Kreator, is a re-package, re-edit and re-release of their 1990 VHS, Live in East Berlin. Included with the live show is the mini horror movie the band made for their Coma of Souls album titled Hallucinative Coma, a documentary type thing with interviews from around the […]