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Triumph of Death – Resurrection of the Flesh

Switzerland’s Hellhammer lasted only a few years in the early 80’s, before the band became the mighty Celtic Frost.  Hellhammer was influential to many death/thrash/black metal bands across the world for decades since their early reformation with the new name. Tom Gabriel Warrior had a vision years ago with Celtic Frost finally laid to rest […]

Deathrow – Riders of Doom/Raging Steel (Reissues)

Germany’s now defunct Deathrow would have been classified as the second-tier thrash wave when their brand of thrash metal erupted in the mid-80’s.  Their debut album Riders of Doom was first released as Satan’s Gift and eventually as Riders of Doom that same year.  Two different album covers, however most would agree the Riders of […]

Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales/To Mega Therion/Into the Pandemonium/and Vanity/Nemesis (Reissues)

All four of these albums were previously remastered in 1999 and now we get reissues of a reissue.  But Tom Warrior breathed new life into the sound with the help from his Triptykon bandmate V.Santura who is an excellent engineer.  Each paragraph will speak more about my experience with Celtic Frost and the added extras.  […]

Kreator – Endless Pain/Pleasure to Kill/Terrible Certainty/Extreme Aggression (Reissues)

Germany has always been responsible for some of the best metal bands.  I would say the best countries for overall metal has been: U.S., Germany and England.  For me, Kreator are the best German thrash band and always one of my faves.  Each paragraph will focus on more of the bonus content, remastering and personal […]

Voivod- Rrröööaaarrr/Killing Technology/Dimension Hatröss (Reissues)

  My first Noise/BMG reissue review series will focus on the Voivod reissues. This will be followed up with Celtic Frost and Kreator reissues Each paragraph will focus on each individual reissued album from the band. For purposes of such reviews it will be more of a personal recollection, on my part, with some observations about […]

Virgin Steele – Hymns to Victory/The Book of Burning

My first exposure to Virgin Steele was last years godawful The House Of Atreus Act II. I still place that record high on my “Worst CD’s I have ever heard” list. Had I heard their older material first, not only would I have been just as scathing in my review, but I would have been […]

Virgin Steele – The House of Atreus Act II

Virgin Steele is a band that has been around for many years. With now eight albums under their belt, they are apparently loved worldwide by power metal fans. Well, after suffering through the painfully longwinded double CD release The House of Atreus Act II, all I can say is I’m amazed at the fact that […]