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Voivod – Morgöth Tales

Canada’s favorite metal Warriors of Ice, Voivod, return with what should be their 16th album, but it’s actually re-recording of songs throughout their 40+ years of existence.  I am not a tremendous fan of bands re-recording their classic albums, but going back to re-record select songs, from a band’s discography, I am more apt to […]

Voivod – Synchro Anarchy

Canada’s favorite metal weirdos, Voivod, and one of the elite in all of extreme metal, return with their 15th proper studio album, Synchro Anarchy.  Their last 2 return to form albums Target Earth and The Wake have been nothing short of exceptional.  In support of the 2013 Target Earth album I saw them live on […]

Voivod- Rrröööaaarrr/Killing Technology/Dimension Hatröss (Reissues)

  My first Noise/BMG reissue review series will focus on the Voivod reissues. This will be followed up with Celtic Frost and Kreator reissues Each paragraph will focus on each individual reissued album from the band. For purposes of such reviews it will be more of a personal recollection, on my part, with some observations about […]

Voivod – Infini

Well, this is it, folks; the last of the Voivod material. As you’ve probably read in every single review of Infini, these were the riffs recorded by the late/great Piggy and turned into the 13 songs comprising this final album. It is the capstone to a quarter century of greatness. Keep in mind that the […]