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Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite

Like their Irish contemporaries Altar of Plagues, who called it quits last year, Wolves in the Throne Room appeared to have lost interest in the post/ambient black metal scene that they were so crucially influential in. However, after several years laying low, they are back on tour and have a new record out, Celestite, a […]

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Announces Release Date Of Celestite; Tour Dates Confirmed

Excitement has been growing since WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM announced the unexpected release of Celestite, an instrumental, experimental companion record to 2011’s Celestial Lineage. Celestite sees the band take a deeper excursion into the crystalline synthesizer-driven domains that have long intrigued them. With the aid of producer Randall Dunn, the band unearthed a hidden soundscape that is only loosely […]

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Reveal Details On New Recordings

From Earsplit PR:  Following the November release of their BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini two-track live 12” via Southern Lord, new recordings from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have been confirmed for a 2014 release. Following several months of anticipation, the Cascadian black metal clan comprised of brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver now humbly unveil their impending full-length release, Celestite. Taking a different […]

Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial Lineage

Thanks largely in part to Liturgy, there’s been somewhat of a backlash to USBM — mostly the post-rock, shoegaze -influenced kind. I mean even former darling Krallice has fallen victim to some of the criticism of the genre with their largely unheralded and unlauded 3rd album. So, are the genre’s oft worshiped apex band now open to […]

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: Album Info, Artwork, North American Tour Unveiled

With WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM‘s fourth full-length album, Celestial Lineage, now completed and nearing its September 13, 2011 release date via Southern Lord Records, we today unveil the album’s full song listing and album artwork. The cover art for Celestial Lineage was created by photographic artist Alison Scarpulla, and the package designed by Aaron […]

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: New Album Nears Completion

After devoting late Winter season to writing and recording, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM are in the final stages of completing their fourth full-length opus of epic, earthen Black Metal ceremony. For over six months the Weaver brothers, Aaron and Nathan, have been immersed in the painstaking writing and recording process of their newest album, […]

Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade

After the teasing 2 track vinyl EP, Malevolent Grain, which unveiled a new logo and a second guitarist, (Will Lindsay), the darlings of the American black metal scene return for their highly anticipated third full length album (their second for Southern Lord), and its well worth the wait. WITTR have been called a lot of […]

Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters

I’m sure anyone with even a passing interest in black metal is geeked for this release, especially considering how many years end lists the debut, Diadem in 12 Stars graced. Well, even with the horde of quality ambient/experimental black metal this year, from many of the genre’s bigger names (Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Cobalt, Xasthur, Secrets […]

Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars

People, pay attention. What we have here is a very, very special US Black Metal record, a landmark even. While Wrest has been sucking up all the USBM glory with his well-deserved plethora of EPs and splits, no band has truly challenged the USMB throne occupied by Leviathan. Until Now.While most USBM seem to try […]