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WOODS OF YPRES Frontman, David Gold Dies – Dec. 23, 2011

From David Gold, a founding member of the Ontario, Canada-based black and doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES, was killed last night (Thursday, December 22) in an accident near Barrie, Ontario. He was 31 years old. A memorial service is tentatively scheduled to be held in Gold‘s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie on December […]

Woods of Ypres – IV: The Green Album

Listen- this is my first exposure to Woods of Ypres, so this review isn’t going to go into the bands apparent shift from respected black metal into whatever they are being called now (Hippys, posers, sell outs, etc). What I am going to get into is how this Earache re-release of the bands 2009 fourth […]


EARACHE RECORDS is proud to announce the worldwide signing of the Canadian cult metal act, WOODS OF YPRES. Formed in 2002, WOODS OF YPRES have earned critical acclaim for their ever-evolving, envelope-pushing mix of blackened doom metal. Most often compared to bands such as AGALLOCH and TYPE O NEGATIVE, WOODS OF YPRES toe a thin […]

Woods of Ypres – Pursuit of the Sun and Allure of the Earth

Sure to raise some eyebrows with their self-appointed label of “Summer Black Metal”, Woods of Ypres follow -up their promising demo-cd (self-released full-length?), with an emotional work of dark and passionate metallic art. The music is an engaging mix of traditional epic metal, blackened at the edges then tempered with harmonic indulgences and prog-rock excursions. […]