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Interview with Xanthrochroid

For those who are fortunate enough to have heard the debut full-length album from Lake Forest, California’s Xanthochroid, you already know how diverse and majestic the music is. A young band with an insane amount of talent and maturity, Xanthochroid is undoubtedly a band with a brighter future than most of their peers. A perfect blend of sweeping atmospheres, melodies, symphonic/orchestral elements and chilling black metal, Xanthochroid’s latest release Blessed He with Boils is nearly flawless.

Xanthochroid – Blessed He With Boils

So this is what the kids are creating for their debut albums these days, huh? So much for learning the ropes and taking several years to create an album that can be deemed their finest to date. For California’s Xanthochroid, their magnificent debut full-length Blessed He with Boils is a creation that will most likely […]