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Zonaria – Arrival of the Red Sun

With their third album on as many labels, Sweden’s Zonaria are if anything, anything persistent and consistent. Their previous albums released on Pivotal Recordings (2007s Infamy and the Breed) and then Nuclear Blast  (2009s The Cancer Empire) respectively were a melding  of mildly futuristic  melodic death metal glossed over with Dimmu Borgir symphonics and that […]

Zonaria – The Cancer Empire

I really wanted to like this, and at first I did, or at least thought I did. It’s not that The Cancer Empire is a bad album, but just kinda plain and rather safe. These types of reviews are always the hardest to write – not bad but not particularly good, these middle of the […]

Zonaria – Infamy and the Breed

After a measure of success with their entries into the melodic death metal genre, (Sonic Syndicate who then signed with Nuclear Blast and the well received Blinded Colony), you could forgive Pivotal for releasing yet another polished, competent but formulaic Swedish melodic death metal album. Zonaria aren’t bad, they just aren’t quite as good as […]