Massive Assault

It’s been 5 years since Death Strike, the solid second effort from this Dismember/Grave worshiping Dutch act, and although this was released on vinyl and digital last year, I waited with baited breath for the CD version from FDA Records, and it was worth the wait.

The formula is the same; well executed Dismember meets  war mongering, Hail of Bullets of styled Swedish death metal, so don’t go looking for anything but. The guitar tone is crisp and amply ‘Swedish’, so there is plenty of buzz and hum. The vocals are standard genre growl, and everything is compact and catchy and delivered in a no frills 9 song 34 minute salvo.

The mid/late era Dismember influence is clear in groovy tracks like “Suffer in Terror”, “Cause/Effect” and  “World Funeral”  (recalling Massive Killing Capacity), while the more urgent tracks like the two minute burst of “Extinction”,  “Original Sin”, “Empty Shell’ and excellent “Anger Overdrive” (which has a little of everything)  deliver a raucous Stockholm romp and gallop. The album ending duo of ‘”Frozen Hell” and “Deranged Humanity”  put a exclamation pint on the album with the former having a really nice march and the latter having a nice trundle and blasting d beat fury.

After a solid end to 2017 with Endseeker, Ophis, Discreation and Lifeless, FDA records is off to a great start in 2018 with this , Decaying’s To Cross the Line and Revolting’s Monolith of Madness and those are only the label’s January releases!

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Written by E. Thomas
January 25th, 2018


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