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Wyvern – No Defiance of Fate

Power metal. Yup, power metal. But, no ripping off of Helloween or Blind Guardian, no screechy vocalist, and not a Tolkien reference in sight. Wyvern are definitely going for the majestic, “glory” vibe here in many places, but they come off heavier in some places as well. There are plenty of galloping kick-drum/guitar riff combos […]

Armageddon – Embrace the Mystery

I’m sure there aren’t many out there that remember or even know that Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott has a side-project monikered, Armageddon. The band’s debut offering, Crossing the Rubicon, was technically proficient death metal that, in this humble reviewer’s opinion, outweighed Arch Enemy by leaps and bounds. Metal history aside, Amott decided it was […]

Ultimatum – The Mechanics of Perilous Times

Ultimatum is a New Mexico-based metal outfit that cranks out straight up, old-school thrash metal. Or, as it states on the album packaging, “Unrestrained, fist clenching, neck snapping, head banging Heavy Metal!” I can’t think of a more fitting description, so we’ll just leave it at that. This is an album full of double kick-drums, […]

Upheaval – Testimony to the Atrocities

Indianapolis-based Upheaval may frequent on the hardcore/metalcore side of the fence, but their circle of friends isn’t stopping them from creating some of the most harrowing, if not predictable, death metal this side of AngelCorpse. Indeed, Upheaval’s second platter, Testimony to the Atrocities, hails of the genre’s most illustrious outfits as inspiration. The most notable […]

Heaven Shall Burn – Asunder

t’s no secret to most of you that the genre of hardcore has morphed its shape and sound in recent years. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of the modern-day warriors that our ears are being exposed to nowadays share little camaraderie with the punk rock icons that most bands […]

Ulver – Perdition City

Ulver in its current phase is undisputedly its most creative, explorative and, furthermore, important. While Ulver’s old legion of fans would rather hear a follow-up to the mesmerizing black metal triumph, Bergtatt, there’s simply no point at this stage to regress to past glories. They are what they are. Perdition City, comparatively, is just as […]

Thundra – Blood of Your Soul

Thundra, according to their record label, plays “pure black viking metal.” This Norwegian band plays a more brutal, less melodic form than most viking metal bands. While many bands are going more folk, less metal, Thundra is staying true to what I consider viking metal. When I think viking metal I think Enslaved and Einherjer. […]

Tvangeste – Damnation of Regiomontum

Tvangeste was formed in 1996 and the line-up was complete some two years later in 1998. They call their music “True Prussian Black Metal.” Damnation of Regiomontum is their debut. It is quite professional and polished for a first recording. Before I get into the music, some background is necessary. Who are/were the Prussians? Prussia […]