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A Storm of Light – Nations to Flames

With the release of Nations to Flames, it’s safe to say that New York’s A Storm of Light have hit their stride as a band. After a decent debut album And We Wept the Black Ocean Within and a not-as-good follow-up in Forgive Us Our Trespasses, the band finally came through with the solid As […]

A Storm of Light – Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Despite holding a high opinion of Josh Graham’s talent, particularly in his expert handling of the visual elements of Neurosis’s live performances and the stunning A Sun That Never Sets DVD release, I was somewhat let down by his first foray into our collective musical consciousness, that being the pleasantly heavy, if not all too […]

A STORM OF LIGHT To Release Forgive Us Our Trespasses Via Neurot Recordings

Brooklyn, NY’s own A STORM OF LIGHT will unleash their new full-length, Forgive Us Our Trespasses on September 22nd via Neurot Recordings. The follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed debut, And We Wept The Black Ocean Within, finds its power through a dense bringing together of melodies, moods and textures, ensuring that while things are […]

A Storm of Light – And We Wept the Black Ocean Within

Featuring current and former members of Neurosis, Tombs, Unsane and Swans, A Storm of Light is exactly what you might guess based on the title and cover: a massive tsunami of sound and thunder, intent on submerging you beneath its crushing waters. It’s progressive hardcore/doom with a tortured, nautical theme: slow, crashing slabs of guitar, […]