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Absu – Abzu

So, after a long eight year recording silence following the release of Tara, Absu have now released two albums in three years. The second of a planned trilogy dealing with the abyss, Abzu is as blisteringly sharp and nasty as you would expect, if not more so. Few albums rip and shred as hard as […]

ABSU Deluxe Edition Confirmed For American Release; European Tour Kick Off

Candlelight Records today confirms the upcoming release of a special deluxe version of ABSU’s popular self-titled album. Set for American release January 26, the limited edition format will include a bonus live DVD that was filmed in Montreal amidst the band’s first stateside tour in nearly eight years. The band recently kicked off a European […]

Absu – Absu

The great Absu moving from ideal to actual. The ideal lineup we all know, the actual lineup is now on display. The question is is the comparative equivalent Candlemass with just Leif, or Gorgoroth with no founders? Take one member from an acclaimed lineup and give him the band name and the reigns, disaster awaits. […]

Absu announce new bassist, complete recording of new album

Texas-based mythological occult metal outfit ABSU has announced the addition of bassist/co-vocalist Ezezu (ex-Panzram) to the group’s ranks. This is the first time the band is experiencing a permanent quartet-type line up since the band’s debut album Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Drummer/vocalist Proscriptor says of the latest addition, “We are very proud to welcome Ezezu as the […]

Absu – Tara

Personally, I’ve always viewed Absu with a glazed eye from afar. Having only heard a few scattered songs from each of their four records ‘ and, at that, merely thinking they’re a loose ‘n’ clattering retread of old-school German thrash (Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, duh) ‘ but also having heard about band-leader Proscriptor’s ambient side-project, Equimanthorn, […]