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Lion’s Share – Dark Hours

When many people first hear the name of this Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band, they may hardly suppress making a caustic joke, but once they hear the music delivered by this group their sarcasm should go out the window in nothing flat. At least, this is what actually happened to an acquaintance of mine when he […]

Bloodbound – Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa, translated as “blank slate” from Latin, is the fitting title for the new album from Sweden’s Power Metal six-piece Bloodbound. If you happened to hear the band’s previous two discs, don’t necessarily expect to be exposed to another act of replication, as often occurs with many metal groups in the present-day scene. In […]

Eclipse – Are You Ready to Rock

Melodic Hard Rock certainly has its own underground niche. Bands like Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Firehouse and Europe may not command the sales figures or radio airplay they once did, but their influence resonates in the music of underground bands/studio projects across the globe; bands that still use overdriven guitars, bands that still stack their chorus […]

Sinner – Crash & Burn

The band Sinner dates back some 27 years and has a now 17 album discography. Yet, to many, Mat Sinner (aka Matthias Lasch) is known more as the bassist for Primal Fear. That’s too bad, actually; because one look at this band’s catalog and you’ll find many a Heavy Metal gem. Crash & Burn, the […]

Crematory – Pray

Crematory has been turning out their musical wares since 1991, in one incarnation or another. They were a little more raw in the early days, adding subtle hints of Electronica and cranking up the Goth a bit on the way. Their 2008 offering Pray is a full on Gothic Death Metal assault complete with the […]

Joe Lynn Turner – Live in Germany

Joe Lynn Turner is obviously best known for his stint in Rainbow singing such radio friendly hits as “I Surrender”, “Street Of Dreams” and “Stone Cold”. He’s honestly a great singer and he’s made a solid career singing the songs he’s known for long after the band he sang them in dissipated. He gets tapped […]

Almah – Fragile Equality

Angra vocalist Edu Falschi and bassist Felipe Andreoli have made the most of their main band’s hiatus and formed Almah. Not straying from their Power Metal roots, in fact heading a little deeper into the Prog Metal sound, Almah puts forth some impressive musicianship and honest Power Metal spirit. “Birds Of Prey” kicks things off […]

Exiter – Thrash, Speed, Burn

John Ricci and company break an eight year silence with the release of Thrash, Speed, Burn. Anyone who’s heard Exciter knows what to expect (as if the title of the album didn’t give it away) and the boys do not disappoint here. Decidedly old school, full of venom, energy and ready to teach the world […]

Laaz Rockit – Left For Dead

Laaz Rockit has been around a lot of years. In spite of this fact, though, I have never listened to them. Now, after hearing their latest offering Left For Dead, I am going to make it a point to dig into the catalog as this is some good quality Metal. I didn’t know what to […]