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Dagon – Terraphobic

After reading the interview Scott Alisoglu conducted with this Michigan melodic death metal act, I decided to check out the band’s second, aquatic themed album. After all they are on the fine Bombworks Records and guitarist Briant Daniel was in Summer Dying, one of the US’s most underrated and criminally unsigned melodic death metal acts […]

A Hill To Die Upon – Infinite Titanic Immortal

First off, congrats to A Hill to Die Upon for the year’s best album cover- a commissioned painting from renowned Serbian artist, Bogdan . Hailing from the depths of Illinois, A Hill to Die Upon is a fresh new black/death metal act started by the Cook brothers (Adam-guitars/vocals, Michael-Drums), and for a band that’s only […]

In Grief – Deserted Soul

There’s no real way to lead into it, so I’ll just jump right in. In Grief sounds like a blend of Daylight Dies and Evergrey. It combines some of the darker Prog Metal of Evergrey (the soundscape/sci-fi keys, the fluid-like guitar shredding) with some of the slower, more dramatic dirges of Daylight Dies (complete with […]

My Silent Wake – A Garland Of Tears

Despite releasing now three albums of remarkable Metal music, England’s My Silent Wake seems to go largely unnoticed. Part of this, I believe, is that they don’t belong to a singular genre. The band deftly combines elements of Doom, Death and Folk Metal utilizing four vocalists while creating waves of melancholic mastery. One can find […]

Azmaveth – Strong As Death

From the label that brought you the excellent Lo-Ruhamah comes another Christian black metal release, this way on the form of Puerto Rico’s Azmaveth (named after one of King David’s strongest warriors) and their symphonic, challenging take on black metal. Christian black metal from Puerto Rico? Yeah, I know, but amid the glut of symphonic […]

Lo-Ruhamah – The Glory of God

“Lo-ruhamah is the name of the first daughter of the prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer in the Book of Hosea. The name, which translates as “not pitied,” is chosen by God as a sign of displeasure with the people of Israel for following other gods” -From Wikipedia. Lo-Ruhamah also happens to be stunning Christian […]