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Call of the Void – A.Y.F.K.M EP

I’ve been a fan of Colorado’s Call of the Void, since their 2013 Dragged Down A Dead End Path debut and then the band following it up with Ageless in 2015.  Both releases on Relapse Records.   COTV play a blistering combination of crusty grind, with some hardcore/punk influences.  Super aggressive and pissed off music.  […]

Call of the Void – Dragged Down a Dead End Path

Bursting forth with 10 vitriolic blasts of hate-fueled extremity, Colorado’s Call of the Void make quite the impression with their debut full-length, Dragged Down a Dead End Path. Stitching together elements of grind, hardcore and crust, Call of the Void keep it short and direct, creating their own violent, murky combo drawing influence from the […]