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Chelsea Grin – My Damnation

Before I get into this review I have two confessions/disclaimers to make. One – I love deathcore, and I love breakdowns even more. I think there are few things more enjoyable in the extreme metal realm. Two – I can’t stand raspy, screamy vocals. CAN’T FUCKING STAND THEM. They can ruin a promising album quicker […]

Chelsea Grin – Desolation of Eden

Deathcore is off to an explosive start in 2010 with the new, improved Annotations of an Autopsy, the solid new Carnifex, the keyboard drenched The Breathing Process and the full length debut from Utah’s Chelsea Grin. After a promising EP (off which two tracks “Cheyne Stokes” and Recreant”, reappear on this album) Utah’s now three […]

Chelsea Grin – Chelsea Grin EP

Utah’s Chelsea Grin are the US equivalent of Bring Me the Horizon – visually I want to punch repeatedly them in the genitals and ensure they never breed- but musically they aren’t actually too bad and are one of the heavier deathcore bands I’ve heard. If you recently enjoyed the likes of Oceano, then this […]