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She Must Burn – Grimoire

I vaguely remember seeing these guys pop up on my Facebook feed a year or so ago for the video for “Possessed“.  I recall the fairly average metalcore, but loving the female vocals and keyboards of Aimy Miller. So when this promo showed up,  I have to admit along with Miller, it was morbid curiosity […]

Falsifier – Life In Death EP

I’m not familiar with Ontario’s Falsifier, not being hugely connected to the down tempo/beatdown scene, but seeing these guys compared to Black Tongue and The Acacia Strain piqued my interest and the fact this EP is a free download from Artery Recordings  (to celebrate singing with the label) only made it more appealing. And I’m always […]

Entheos – The Infinite Nothing

What’s this you say? a female fronted tech death metal/ djenty/modern death metal supergroup featuring former members of Animosity ( a must have from the early 00s deathcore scene), Animals as Leaders (Navene Koperweis) and The Faceless (Evan Brewer)? Well, color me interested…. While certainly The Faceless and Animosity influences ( as well as many modern bands like Textures, Veil of […]

Death of an Era – The Great Commonwealth EP

The second EP by Ohio deathcore metallers Death of an Era starts out pretty strong. The first track is a polyrhythmic, syncopated chugfest that fans will instantly gravitate towards. Near the end of that first track you get some almost painful sounding background lyrics, and one might wonder if that’s a sign of things to […]

Chelsea Grin – My Damnation

Before I get into this review I have two confessions/disclaimers to make. One – I love deathcore, and I love breakdowns even more. I think there are few things more enjoyable in the extreme metal realm. Two – I can’t stand raspy, screamy vocals. CAN’T FUCKING STAND THEM. They can ruin a promising album quicker […]

Bury Tomorrow – Portraits

As much as I like metalcore, even the commercialized watered down stuff, the fact remains that the UK’s Bury Tomorrow are so predictable, cookie cutter and utterly devoid of individuality, that I cant think of anything to awfully good to say about their debut album. But also, as a metalcore fan I cant really find […]

Chelsea Grin – Desolation of Eden

Deathcore is off to an explosive start in 2010 with the new, improved Annotations of an Autopsy, the solid new Carnifex, the keyboard drenched The Breathing Process and the full length debut from Utah’s Chelsea Grin. After a promising EP (off which two tracks “Cheyne Stokes” and Recreant”, reappear on this album) Utah’s now three […]