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Copremesis – Muay Thai Ladyboys

First off, I will not mention that guitarist/vocalist Paulo posts on a message board I frequent (damn). Second off, I have to say that the artwork for Muay Thai Ladyboys by Scott Porterfield, is absolutely fucking fantastic. Unfold the inlay for a surprise that’s like John Baizley artwork (Baroness, Darkest Hour), but felched through the […]

Copremesis album info, tour revealed.

The debut full length of New York City’s omnisexual Death/Grind titans, Copremesis, entitled Muay Thai Ladyboys, is set to be released on Paragon Records mid-May 2008. Expect nothing short of the most uncompromising brutality.The Track Listing for Muay Thai Ladyboys is is as follows: Muay Thai Ladyboys Bestial Castration Push Zombies In Silence…Revel In Madness […]