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Obscura Qalma – Veils Of Transcendence EP

There’s a stunning level of consistency between this Italian orchestral death metal band’s 2021 debut, Apotheosis, and their latest EP, Veils Of Transcendence, despite the label change from Germany’s Rising Nemesis Records to homegrown label, Dusktone (who have been more on my radar recently for their reissues of Stormlord and Spite Extreme Wing albums). It’s […]

Svartghast – Perdition

I’m always up for some 90s styled Symphonic black metal, and Sweden’s Svartghast is up to the task with their solid, if by the numbers debut, Perdition. Not surprising when you consider one half of the duo is G. Johansson/Choronzon who has served in the likes of Setherial, Impious, and Torchbearer. The formula is pretty simple […]

Scuorn – Parthenope

I’ve been following the development of this project for a while now,  as for a small label and one man band, Dusktone and Scuorn‘ founder Guilian have thrown and a lot of resources and money at promoting and producing this project. And it apepars to have paid off. Touting it sound as ‘Parthenopean Epic Black Metal’, […]