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Various Artists – Like Black Holes in the Sky: A Tribute to Syd Barrett

There’s Pink Floyd, and then there’s Syd Barrett. My first Pink Floyd album was 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and I worked backwards from there, so the early Floyd/Barrett stuff has always been kinda exotic and unfamiliar to me. Admittedly, it’s also never been my favorite – a proto-version of the pompous, extravagant sonic […]

Exhausted Prayer – Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow

Comprised of the band’s 2005 EP of the same name and 2002’s What Completely is Not EP, both re-mastered for this re-release, the ‘debut’ album from LA’s Exhausted Prayer is a adventurous foray into genre mixing resulting in a solid, if over ambitious affair that shows tons of promise. With a big dash of Opeth, […]

Hail!Hornet – S/T

What would you expect from a super group that comprises of vocalist T. Roy Medlin (Sourvein), bassist Dixie Dave Collins (Weedeater), guitarist Vince Burke (Beaten Back To Pure) and drummer Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy)? If you said ultra sludgy, rumbling, doomy Southern drenched girth, then you would be right. Even with the tangible influences from […]

Antagonist – An Envy of Existence

Plying an up-tempo, melodic mix of Darkest Hour, God Forbid and Unearth, California’s Antagonist are competent, enjoyable and skilled, but still rather unoriginal. Though arguably falling under the vast metalcore/American metal umbrella, Antagonist have a healthy does of modern tight, Euro thrash in their sound (sort of if Carnal Forge played metalcore), and deliver it […]