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Black Shape of Nexus – Negative Black

Are you in need of a crushing sludge fix? Something obliteratingly heavy, perhaps with a touch of droning doom psychedelics? Eh? Black Shape of Nexus has your number. Continuing in the heavier direction apparent on their split with Kodiak, Negative Black is a big shift for this German crew. Microbarome Meetings, the bands previous album […]

Celan – Halo

Two dudes walk into a bar…no, seriously…two dudes walk into a bar what what happens? Well, if they’re musicians they’ll likely talk about forming a band. Get two people together who both play music and the conversation will inevitably meander into “We should do something together…”; it’s artistic nature. Anyway, such is the case with […]

Beehoover – Heavy Zooo

Following in the mold of metal duos Black Cobra and Early Man, German doom deuce Beehoover offers colossal slabs of metal from bassist Ingmar Petersen and drummer Claus-Peter Hamisch. As the rhythm section of doom rockers Voodooshock (who reportedly parted ways with Petersen and Hamisch), they channeled ’70s-era Black Sabbath into Wall of Sleep-like compositions. […]

End of Level Boss – Inside the Difference Engine

Rarely does a band stack up to their ambitious bio, but UK’s End of Level Boss do in excess. Flirting with Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Metallica, and Godflesh on their 2005 debut Prologue couldn’t even hint at what was in store for this London quartet on Inside the Difference Engine—and now, thankfully, every semblance of […]