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Fester – A Celebration of Death

That old adage about never judging a book by its cover, while generally a good idea, is especially prudent in the case of Fester’s A Celebration of Death. Expecting to be flung into a rotting grave of stench-riddled old school Swedish death metal based on the cover art, it was quickly discovered upon listening that […]

FESTER Offers Details on First Studio Album in 17 Years!

Norway’s FESTER has just completed the recording of their first studio album in 17 years! EntitledA Celebration of Death, the album is targeted for a late 2011/early 2012 release through Abyss Records. This is FESTER as you’ve come to know them: Cold as ice and mean as Hell! Original member Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen has recruited […]

Fester – Winter of Sin (reissue)

Hailing from Norway, Fester released Winter of Sin back in 1992 and their rendition of death metal was a slower, crawling, almost doomy dusty take on the genre, with black metal rasps that were quite a bit different from the Swedish explosion and the tight clinical US assaults of the time. So Abyss Records has […]