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Invasion – Destroyer of Mankind

It’s been 15 years since I reviewed an album from Indiana’s war mongering Invasion. It was 2002s Bezerk Artillery Barrage and it was for It was a solid release of death metal and one of the first, if not the first US based band I hard heard utilizing a Swedish HM boss/Sunlight guitar tone. I […]

Fetus Stench – Stillborn

Hailing from Sweden and with a name like Fetus Stench, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the debut full length album from this death metal act was of the old school, Stockholm-y kind. However, rather than dust off some old Entombed riffs and go for the obvious sound, Fetus Stench go for a different influence […]

Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘n’ Rott

While bands like Entombed, The Generals, Calmsite, Six Feet Under and others are sometimes classified as “death ‘n’ roll”, the truth is it’s just death metal with a little groove and some catchy hooks. However, Finland’s Rocking Corpses are here to truly deliver death ‘n’ roll, and a weird but strangely enjoyable sound it is. […]

Southwicked – Death’s Crown

Southwicked is a multinational death metal act that features some Belgian dudes from obscure bands like Blood Haven and Shattered Skull and Allen West of Obituary/Six Feet Under fame. So its no surprise that a majority of Southwicked‘s debut album sounds a lot, no, JUST like West era Obituary and Six Feet Under. You’d think […]

Eternal Helcaraxe – Against All Odds

I had no idea what to expect from the debut from Ireland’s Eternal Helcaraxe. The cover and logo hinted at something Viking or Pagan, the moniker just reminded me of US death metal act Helcaraxe, and the album title was just ‘meh’. And they were from Ireland- with a few exceptions (namely Cruachan, Waylander, Primordial […]

Fester – A Celebration of Death

That old adage about never judging a book by its cover, while generally a good idea, is especially prudent in the case of Fester’s A Celebration of Death. Expecting to be flung into a rotting grave of stench-riddled old school Swedish death metal based on the cover art, it was quickly discovered upon listening that […]

Desultor – Masters of Hate

I’ll get right to it- Swedish duo Desultor present the same kind of musical/vocal conundrum as Blood Revolt‘s Indoctrine presented last year; that’s to say blisteringly awesome thrash/black/death metal but rather than any of the typical roars, growls or rasps, the vocals of Markus Joha are presented in a purely clean, power metal /traditional metal […]

Diseim – Holy Wrath

“Black,” the first song on Holy Wrath, the debut album by Latvian band Diseim, is an absolutely fantastic death metal song. Big, groovy riffs; odd time signatures; a melodic-without-being-wimpy chorus; guttural, double tracked vocals; and simply great songwriting. It makes a loud, bold statement. Aaaannndddd… I should just leave it at that. I kind of […]

Septekh – The Seth Avalanche EP

Sometimes you just need some filth in your life and Swedish band Septekh are all too eager to provide it in buckets. It seems like they pull every stop they can think of to make the whole experience as uncouth as they can, pushing their death-thrash riffs through a sludgy, somewhat dark production and injecting […]

Gardnerz, The – The System of Nature

Listen, I’ll readily admit to being one of those shallow, close minded types that judges a book by its cover, or a band by its moniker. And quite frankly a band with the name The Gardenerz wasn’t something I was ready to dive into. It’s the same reason I’ve never listened to Weekend Nachos and […]

Thousand Year War – Tyrants and Men

There’s a fine line between plagiarism and homage. And in metal, that line is even thinner as many acts have simply said, ‘you know what? We like this band we are going to sound just like them, not to rip them off maliciously but they just rock’. For every Suffocation, Entombed, Morbid Angel and Slayer […]

ETERNAL HELCARAXE Signs to Abyss Records

Eternal Helcaraxe came to be in May 2003. Between then and February 2004 began writing for a black metal project based on raw emotion and atmosphere. After several line-up changes both founding members decided to continue as a two piece and in March 2008 released the first MCD entitled Palest Kingdom. Shortly after this release […]

Bane – Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness

I can’t say I had super high hopes for the debut CD from Serbia’s Bane; nondescript moniker, clichéd logo, artwork and album title, etc. But when I dove into the album I was actually greeted with some very competent and confident melodic black/death metal. There’s nothing original to be seen here at all here. Solid […]

Fester – Winter of Sin (reissue)

Hailing from Norway, Fester released Winter of Sin back in 1992 and their rendition of death metal was a slower, crawling, almost doomy dusty take on the genre, with black metal rasps that were quite a bit different from the Swedish explosion and the tight clinical US assaults of the time. So Abyss Records has […]

Hat – Vortex of Death

Formed in 1993 under the name of Ravner, then resurfacing after a brief hiatus in 2006 as Hat (Norwegian for ‘hate’), Hat are a duo of corpse-painted, spike clad Norwegians playing brittle, frosty, hateful orthodox black metal culled straight from the early ’90s. While that little description is probably more than apt for me to […]

DIABOLICAL Signs North American Deal With Abyss Records; Announce New Album and European Tour

Swedish death metal veterans DIABOLICAL have signed with Abyss Records for the worldwide release of their upcoming full-length album, Ars Vitae; due out in February of 2011. Ars Vitae contains 17 tracks and will feature a mix of new material – recorded earlier this year at Necromorbus Studios – and previously unreleased recordings. The band […]