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Izthmi – The Arrows of Our Ways

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Izthmi are a 5 piece band describing themselves as progressive, atmospheric black metal.  After a pointless 3 minute and slightly irritatingly long intro the ball gets rolling with the 8+ minute “To Traipse Alone”.  I cannot remember when I saw the word traipse in a song.  The name of this […]

Interview With Beheaded

Let’s face it folks in the world of brutal death metal some bands come and go or are either handed so much to them early on that they do not have to do the real hard grunt work, that is sometimes needed, to keep a band together. Enter in Beheaded, from Malta. For over 2 decades Beheaded have been slinging their brutal take on the death metal genre. Through the struggles of band members leaving, people having family responsibilities-unable to tour, or whatever the case may be, bassist, David Cachia has been the glue to this wonderful brutal band.