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GRAYCEON Announces ‘Pearl and the End of Days’

New Two-Song Album Coming Early 2013 from Flenser Records With the end of 2012 quickly approaching and Grayceon‘s critically-acclaimed last album All We Destroy (Profound Lore) waning in the rear-view, the San Francisco-based triad prepares for the next chapter in their story: a 30-minute album comprised of two sprawling epics that bend the concentration closer […]

Grayceon – All We Destroy

For over four years now, Jackie Perez Gratz has declined my romantic overtures and while her restraining order against me prevents physical contact within 100ft, I’m still allowed to review her band’s albums. I’m kidding. It’s 200 ft. So here is album number three from vocalist/cellist Gratz and her two compadres Zach Farewell (drums) and […]

Interview with Grayceon

With their second album, the aptly titled This Grand Show, Grayceon have once again delivered a stunning, sumptous opus of cello flocked, introspective and progressive music that defies categorization. And having communicated with cello player and vocalist Jackie Perez Gratz in the past, and found her to an absolutely delightful individual, I thought I’d ask a few question via email about the new album, her other projects and other more amorous endeavors…

Grayceon – This Grand Show

Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) and her two pals, Max Doyle and Zack Farwell (of skaterock band Walken) have returned to give us yet another stunning record that, like its debut will be in the running for album of the year. Stylistically, not much has changed in the Grayceon camp. They still play a dreamy, […]

Grayceon/Giant Squid – Split 7″

So here is a limited edition (500 copies) 7″ vinyl spilt with new songs from Grayceon (“The West”) and Giant Squid (“Sutter’s Fort”). Both bands are arguably two of the better avant-garde, post-rock bands around, with both acts featuring the vocals of Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) and her cello amid the dramatic, fluid, evocative […]

Grayceon – Grayceon

I never know what to expect from Vendlus Records. From the industrial black metal of V:28, the completely unclassifiable musings of Especially Likely Sloth, the folk art of The Mist and Morning Dew, the black metal excellence of Wolves In The Throne Room or even Audiopain re-issues, the label defies pigeonholing. However, with Grayceon the […]