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Grog – Macabre Requiems (Reissue)

Portugal’s death/grind band Grog have been slinging their brutal form of music for over 3 decades?  I cannot believe it’s been that long. The band took some time between their full length’s and have released a total of four albums during this time span. I will venture to say I have heard the band in […]

Grog – Ablutionary Rituals

The Portuguese metal scene has really caught my eye of late with the likes of The Ominous Circle, Goldenpyre, Primal Attack, Switchtense, and such. But it’s been missing something a little more brutal, and that’s where Grog come in. Though they have been around since 1991/92, and have released a fair amount of demos, this […]

Grog – Scooping the Cranial Insides

”Scooping the Cranial Insides’‘ is the type of release that has me wondering how I could possibly miss out on Grog‘s existence up until now. Originally released last year and surfacing on Murder Records in vinyl format this summer of ‘012, it sure as all heck goes to support the statement that grind is in […]