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Enforcer – Diamonds

Last week I reviewed the latest from Icarus Witch, a traditionally-minded band from Pittsburgh who’s got the old-school heavy metal attitude down to a T.  This week, Teeth of the Divine welcomes back Sweden’s NWOTM leaders Enforcer to the reviews list (debut Into the Night got a review from us in 2008) with Diamonds.  So […]

Vektor – Black Future

Here’s another album that caught me completely off guard near the end of the year. Hailing from Arizona, Vektor are yet another young entry into the retro thrash craze, but have a decidedly different approach than most of their peers. The first thing many will notice before even pushing play are the similarities of Vektor‘s […]

Enforcer – Into the Night

METAL, fuck yeah! Initially, before hearing Enforcer, I was under the assumption that they were another thrash revival band – I was wrong. Retro they are, yes, but they went back even further, to sounds that for the most part, predate thrash. Say, circa 1982, Enforcer combine the galloping nature and traditional/NWOBHM style of Iron […]

Avenger of Blood – Death Brigade

While most of these thrash “revivalist” are culling their influences from the 80’s Bay Area scene, Las Vegas’ Avenger of Blood are content with borrowing from the darker, heavier and death metal tinged sounds of Slayer, Dark Angel and the German scene – but Kreator in particular. Actually, the similarities between early Kreator and Avenger […]